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  • Essential Papers in Neurosurgery, Volume 1: Neuro-oncology

  • The Congress of Neurological Surgeons Essential Papers in Neurosurgery brings to the neurosurgical community a unique collection of critically appraised neurosurgical papers shedding light on some of the most impactful studies in the history of the field. Separating the signal from the noise, this text offers papers that have shaped the practice of neurosurgery, selected through a rigorous process, and commented on by editorialists to reconcile conflicting points and summarize the take-home message of each study.

    Each paper is reviewed by a panel of two experts who provide editorials evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the paper as well as the impact it had on the editorialist's personal practice of neurosurgery. This book is equally suited for neurosurgery residents, practicing neurosurgeons, and anyone interested in evidence-based clinical neuroscience. The body of literature covered in this book has in many ways defined the gold standards of neurosurgical practice and is a must-know for every student of neurosurgery.

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